The Facebook Chat 

When you join Facebook you can use a chat that allows you to chat in real time with your friends. The chat is located in the main window, lower right. We can easily see all of our friends online and clicking their nickname will start the conversation (published by fecbook)

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How to report spam  

Sometimes we receive the unwanted messages from users who do not know. We can highlight the on Facebook so that the staff take any measures against those who sent us the spam. To report a message click on the "report spam" that are at the top of the window that displays your message.(source fecbook)

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Find a friend with facebook. 

If you want to search for a friend on Facebook you can type his name and surname in the search form located at the top of the main screen. Or you can click on the "Friends" option in the left menu. If you have an email address with Gmail, you can provide to Facebook data that you use to access your mailbox, so that Facebook also add all the contacts in your Gmail address book.

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Facebook and its success 

One of the reasons why Facebook has had so much success is because people can not be signed up by entering a nickname but must indicate their name and surname. In this way who knows us can find us easily, also because during registration we are also required to publish our photos. So we are easily identifiable. When someone adds us as a friend, can stay informed about our activities. In fact everything we write on our bulletin board also appears in the pages of our friends. This is therefore a network in which information is shared by the entire circle of friends. (source: Fecbook)

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Welcome to Fecbook 

This blog will collect articles about the main features of Facebook, that is the largest social network on the Net: Facebook members are approximately 500 million: a huge amount of users who have contacts with other people through the social network. Each person signs up by entering personal information and a photo. Other users can search the database of subscribers and possibly become "friends" of another person they know.

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