Facebook pages. 

How many times have you stumbled across the button "I like" who invites you to subscribe to a page? When you click on that button will become her fan page and start reading the messages on your wall from that page as if it were your friend. If you want to create a personal page to promote a site or service, you can click on "Create Page" on the main menu and enter the data that you will be required.

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Be helped on Facebook 

Did you ever not know how to do an operation on Fecbook? You can ask for help directly to the social network. In fact, clicking on the "Help Center" menu "Account" to access a page that lists a number of support articles. You can also use the internal engine to look up the topic of your interest

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How to read received messages 

To view received messages from friends, simply click on the icon shown in the picture. A window opens that contains all unread messages (for each message you receive the item and preview the text). at this point just click on the text message to open it dl. In a future article we will discuss how to meet new friends through facebook.

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Accepting a friend request 

When a person needs our friendship with a warning in the icon at the top left, the picture of human silhouettes. Clicking the icon shows the list of persons who have requested our friendship. To accept, simply click on the "Confirm". In this way, that person will become part of the list of our friends.

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The Facebook Chat 

When you join Facebook you can use a chat that allows you to chat in real time with your friends. The chat is located in the main window, lower right. We can easily see all of our friends online and clicking their nickname will start the conversation (published by fecbook)

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